The AR Rihla Project Homeless Outreach Team


AR projects is a non-profit organisation with a strong and firm stance on fighting against homelessness in our communities and the several stigmas surrounding the issue. Based in Croydon, AR Projects conducts regular local projects to lend a hand, reach out and support the homeless and vulnerable members of society. They use a variety of services to perform their good works and positively impact the lives of those they interact with, including but not limited to distributing food parcels and emergency packs including hot food, clothes, socks, gloves, hats, sleeping bags, blankets and hygiene essentials.

In February 2021, Leiho donated 100 pairs of thermal socks to AR projects to support their efforts and cause. Socks are a basic necessity, but unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of owning them. They are especially important in the increasingly bleak, harsh and unforgiving winters we experience here in the UK. With temperatures plunging during the winter, keeping warm is paramount. While the magnitude of the impact cold weather has on the privileged and sheltered is vast, the extent to which it affects the homeless and displaced is incalculable! Providing warmth for the homeless doesn’t begin and end with socks, but it is a good starting point in combating the consequences of cold winters on the homeless.

To help support and contribute to AR projects outreach services, visit their Instagram (@ar_rihla_projects) to familiarise yourself with what is a daily struggle for others. Strive to become more informed on homelessness and what you can do as individuals to help. Join the fight against homelessness, in Croydon and the rest of the UK by spreading kindness, geniality and charity with members of your community one step at a time.


Written by: Georgina Weston