Kate Shelley, founder of The People Project

Thermal socks and essentials donated to The People Project

Based in Streatham, The People Project is a local project who prioritise and understand the importance of sharing experiences of homeless people, especially around London. In addition to outreach, they utilise the power of social media to spread the message of what being homeless is like for different people to give them a voice as well as helping tackle the stigmas and stereotypes around homelessness. On their Instagram (@people_project_), they are able to attract many people, who like most of us, are aimlessly scrolling through our Instagram feeds. By using Instagram, they are able to reach a wider variety of people in different locations and inform the public of their mission and hopes for those who are in need of their help. 

The People Project are no strangers to Leiho. We have worked together on multiple occasions prior to our donation of 45 pairs of thermal socks in March of this year. One of our past collaborations was the ‘Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge’ campaign, which aimed to share the experiences of homeless people. It also helped to challenge the stigma surrounding homelessness in society. Additionally, Leiho have conducted 2 outreach sessions with The People Project, one of which was during an Emergency Winter Campaign in January 2021.  We have even had Kate Shelley, the founder of The People Project, as a guest on our podcast where we discussed the importance of challenging stereotypes and stigmas around homelessness. The strong partnership developed between our organisations is blossoming and we look forward to future collaborations presenting an opportunity to join forces and tackle misconceptions about homelessness.


Written by: Georgina Weston