We know what you're thinking. So how exactly do you pronounce Leiho? Here’s how we say it and what the meaning behind the name is.


Leiho means 'how are you' in Cantonese and sometimes that's all we need to ask someone to show that we care.


Joey Li, CEO & Cofounder of Leiho

Joey Li - CEO & Co-Founder

We often get caught up in our busy lives and forget to be kind to ourselves or take time off to do something good for someone else. You feel good when you do good and when we do good, it’s all of our kindness and compassion put together that really makes a positive difference in the world.​ I hope Leiho inspires people to deliver more acts of kindness because at the end of the day, we're not only helping someone in need but we're actually improving our own wellbeing and self worth too.

Thuta Khin, COO & cofounder of Leiho

Thuta Khin - COO & Co-Founder

Originally from Myanmar, I’ve had experience in working with NGOs to fight poverty in underdeveloped regions.​ I believe that there is room for everyone to make a difference in this world with a simple act of kindness, no matter how big or small. Through Leiho, I hope to inspire people to be creative in the way they give back to their local communities!

Shania Foster - Junior Marketing Executive

I’m Shania and I’ve been working at Leiho since September 2021, as a social media marketing assistant. So for all things TikTok and Instagram related I’m your gal! From taking you behind the scenes at our shoot days to creating super fun TikTok videos. To be able to do what I love for work and have fun whilst doing it has been amazing. Everyone on the team has been so welcoming and lovely, which has really helped smooth the transition into this new role. I also really love the outreach work that Leiho does! It’s truly making a difference in so many people’s lives and that’s incredible! 

Abigail Wood - Volunteer (Senior Lyrical Whiz)

I have been working with Leiho on a voluntary basis supporting their marketing content, campaigns and copy writing since April 2021 and it’s been non stop wholesome, feel good fun and laughter! I have always felt a strong connection to wanting to contribute to the community and supporting those experiencing homeless, whenever I have had the opportunity to fundraise this has always been my priority. Pairing up with Leiho and having a secondary outlet to my corporate role felt like finding my start-up sole-mate. Pun absolutely intended!!I hope to continue to use my marketing skills that I have nurtured throughout my professional career with Global Brands and adapt them to support Leiho to spread their incredible mission far and wide. Doing good one step at a time! (With all these puns it’s no wonder they call me the ‘Lyrical Whizz’!)

Ralphie - Content Creator and Office Manager

Ralphie is regularly seen and featured on our @leiho_uk instagram stories and posts. He’s known for his talent and patience to strike a pose. Ralphie also assists with wellbeing support when he is present in the office. He ensures that everyone is not working too hard and that he is physically present for cuddles at all meetings.

Hugo - Chief Executive of Hugs

Mental Health and wellbeing support is a priority at Leiho. If you’re feeling low or if you need a pick me up, our CEH is here for to help you hug it out. He often helps pick up the sticks that our team leaves behind and knows how to put a smile on your face. Hugo also assists with sorting donations at our COO’s warehouse by sticking in his cute nose in every box.