Leiho donates socks and essentials to Hull Sisters

Socks, Sanitary Care Products and Winter Essentials Donated to Hull Sisters

Founded in 2012, Hull Sisters is a community based support centre for women suffering from human rights issues including domestic violence, abuse, forced marriage, trafficking, homelessness, poverty, low skill, racism and discrimination, just to name a few. They work mainly with women from black and minority ethnic communities to empower them and provide support services that will help them gain the knowledge and confidence to lead a better and more comfortable life.

Prior to lockdown, they offered a wide range of activities for women to engage with including English language lessons, sewing classes, cooking classes, yoga, crochet & hand embroidery. However due to the pandemic, they have been forced to leave their building where all these services take place, leaving the women with no safe place to go to seek help for their problems. The BBC recently published a support video where Sonia Jalal, one of the support workers at Hull Sisters said “the biggest fear we have got is that they are already isolated and they will go back to their original life where the male will be dominant… and they will be again economically deprived - mentally, physically and emotionally."

How can you help?

Throughout the lockdown, Hull Sisters have continued to deliver food, sanitary items and essentials to over 500 families in vulnerable and marginalised communities. Leiho was able to donate a box filled with over 80 pairs of socks, pads, puffer jackets, sweaters, scarves and toiletries for their community. You can also contribute with donations by:

  1. Sending a box of essentials to their distribution centre. Some items they urgently need are night pads, shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste, nappies, canned food and cereal.
  2. Alternatively you can fulfil items from their amazon wishlist here.


Hull Sisters are currently also seeking a separate building to resume their support services for the vulnerable women as well as continuing to organise and distribute donations (which they are currently doing at their own houses!) If you have connections with anyone who might be able to help find with a vacant location in Hull, please do get in touch with them here!

You can also support their Go Fund Me to help raise enough money to cover the rent for their existing shelter building that support over 485 women from BAME communities and their children.

We admire the work Hull Sisters are doing to help and empower women in marginalised communities, we urge you to check out their pages to find out more about the impact they've made so far!

Hull Sisters: Instagram, Facebook, Website, Twitter