Socks donated to Collective Aid helping refugees and migrants in Europe

120 Pairs of Socks Donated to Collective Aid to helping Refugees and Migrants in Europe

Collective Aid is an independent and volunteer-run organisation that provides aid and support to refugees and migrants across Europe in refugee camps around Calais and Dunkirk. The number of people on the move varies from 800 to over 3000. The majority of the refugee population are young men or adolescent boys with a minority of women and young children too. Collective Aid offer help and support by distributing clothing, camping equipment and hygienic essentials. They also provide washing services and showers for those seeking safety and facilitate activities and classes to improve the general wellbeing of refugees and migrants. With the dangerously cold winters it is essential for organisations like Collective Aid to distribute life-saving aid and warmth.

Donations Co-ordinator Alex Mcdonald says: “we do this by visiting the different camps, taking people's orders for what they need, and then coming back later that day to deliver their orders. Through this system we can take around 700 orders every week. In December, we gave out upwards of ten-thousand items in total.

In December their team also gave over 1400 pairs of socks with 120 more pairs donated from Leiho. Throughout 2021 we aim and hope to be able to donate more to such a hardworking and admirable organisation like the Collective Aid and help refugees feel safe with a sense of belonging. Below is the Collective Aid team pictures with our Leiho donations. Donations co-ordinator Dominic said: "I am confident that the socks are going to be useful for the people we serve here in Calais, especially at this time of the year."

With that being said, boxers, sleeping bags and tents are at the top of the list for donations needed. If you are able to help, do get in touch with the Collective Aid team. It's difficult to predict what the future of migration in Europe will look so every item donated will go a long way in helping provide aid and support to displaced people.