The Benefits of Organic Cotton

The Benefits of Organic Cotton

Cotton is no doubt one of the most popular fabric used and produced in the world, not only in the fashion industry but also for day to day items like bedding, home furnishings, coffee filters, bandages and so on. It is a soft, breathable and highly absorbent material that has become a part of our everyday lives. While it is very commonly used, the conventional process of sourcing and manufacturing cotton can be highly detrimental to our planet and the farmers. However, not all hope is lost! Switching to organically grown cotton is certainly a more sustainable and safe way of farming.

So, how exactly is organic cotton 'more sustainable'?

It is grown without the use of harmful fertilisers and pesticides

Organically grown cotton is not treated with any chemicals throughout the process, but instead uses beneficial insects and natural practices to control pests. Therefore it is kind to the soil and enhances biodiversity to the land.

Requires much less water than conventional cotton

Most organic farming methods use natural rain water to grow the crops, while conventional methods rely on irrigation. For reference, 1 kg of organic cotton requires only around 7000 L of water compared to 29,000 L for 1 kg of non-organic cotton.

Better for the health of farmers and their families

Farmers are not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides when dealing with organic cotton, thus making it a safer and more natural form of agriculture. Chemically treated farm lands can also cause water contamination which then affects the quality of drinking water for the local community.

Better for your skin

Organic cotton is a natural fibre typically used for clothing and even blankets for newborn babies. It is much softer, hypoallergenic and a more durable material than conventional cotton.

So, as we are constantly looking to explore many ways of becoming more sustainable we have decided to release a pair of organic cotton. (We've also been getting a lot of requests for black socks and ribbed socks so here we go!) This was also inspired by our best seller, The Happy Chappy.