2021 - An Opportunity For us to Keep Shaping the World and Make it a Better Place.

2021 - An Opportunity For us to Keep Shaping the World and Make it a Better Place.

2020 certainly was a testing year. It put a lot of things into perspective and in many ways brought our communities closer together. At Leiho we aren't quite preachers of 'New Year, New Me' because sometimes we set goals that are unattainable, unrealistic and too difficult to measure. Instead, we believe in a 'new year and a fresh start' - an improved mindset and an improved attitude towards bettering ourselves and making a positive difference. Our world has faced more loss and hardships in the past few months than we have ever had in the past few years. We've been forced to have uncomfortable conversations that we might have never had in the past and through all of this we've learnt that every single one of us has room to give and to care. We have so much opportunity to positively influence the people in our lives to make better choices, to help lift up those in need, to encourage and champion changes in our communities and to educate ourselves.

Personal growth and personal development is all about constantly wanting to learn more about ourselves and grow but without mourning the past and worrying about the future. It's about being present in the moment and taking every day as it is - this is something that a lot of us struggle to remember because we are so obsessed with making the past right that we begin to lose opportunities and waste time in the present. There is no progression if we keep looking back but there will be progression if we reflect by taking action and continuing to take baby steps forward.

2021 is an opportunity for us to keep shaping the world and make it a better place. The growth in more sustainable brands is already a huge change itself, the drop of plastic consumption over the past few years and the amount of brands that are now switching to eco-friendly packaging is certainly something that is not going unnoticed. But, we can do better. There will always still be room for improvement but as we always say, it's all of our small acts of kindness put together that really do make a big difference. Let's make 2021 all about having more uncomfortable and meaningful conversations, doing things that are goal or mission driven, doing things with more purpose, making a conscious effort to give our clothes a new life or to give a coat to someone who doesn't have own one because at the end of the day, it's cool to care!

Be excited and be ready to take on step out of your comfort zone and step into 2021.

Written by Joey Li