Leiho's first birthday

Leiho turns 1!

Today is Leiho’s 1st birthday!  

Thank you so much to every single one of you for your ongoing support in helping us improve the lives of those in need, create a fun lifestyle brand and for also making a positive impact in the environment (sustainability can always be improved but it's a good start!). We wanted to share just a few of many things that have happened in Leiho's first year but bearing in mind this isn’t just the Leiho team - it’s the efforts of you, the organisations we work with, our mentors, the CityVentures team and of course our founder's very own friends and family all combined! So let's take a look shall we?!

  • By Christmas we would have donated over 2000 pairs of socks to over 16 different homeless shelters, organisations, partners and projects.
  • We distributed hundreds of Groundswell 'my right to healthcare cards' to ensure that homeless people get the right healthcare they need.
  • Provided over 4000 meals and clean water to vulnerable communities in isolation and to children in poverty.
  • Our products are stocked in 1 physical store and in over 7 online marketplaces including Not on the Highstreet, Wearth and the Social Supermarket.
  • Expanded our product line to Water Bottles and Shopping Bags. Leiho now addresses 3 social issues going on in the world right now: Homelessness, Hunger & Poverty, and Clean Water. (We will continue to introduce products based on social issues that need support but we will also be working on developing our social impact making it more sustainable and viable)
  • We hired 4 lovely interns that we owe a lot of love and kindness to. Thank you Meghan, Turki, Lydia and Iffah.
  • Fulfilled our first 3 big corporate orders in November 2020.
  • Got 2 new pup brand ambassadors: Ralphie and Hugo to join our team and manage customer relations with their good charm.
  • Expanded product offering to help save the environment and boost Christmas sock donations by partnering with the Sock Crackers team (Our crackers sold out before December - we had a hundreds of them!)

This isn’t all of it but this is the little and most important bits that have inspired our team to continue doing what we are doing. Once again, we can't thank you all enough for your support and we are excited for a bigger and better year! Bring on 2021!