Craig Duncan says Leiho

Craig Duncan says Leiho "in a small way might help start rebuild my life without Dad”

I smiled more than I had smiled in a very long time.” - Craig Duncan

At Leiho, we talk a lot about being kind to ourselves and others as we grow together as a community. This Wednesday we wanted to share with you a very personal but inspiring email we got from a lovely customer, Craig.

The pain of loss can feel very overwhelming, powerful and it is almost indescribable just as much as the feeling of love is. Grief typically lasts a lifetime with waves that come and go but there are two things that help you get through it and that is time and support. Everyone feels grief differently and there is certainly no right or wrong way to face it, but Craig shows the perfect example of how taking things slow, engaging with others and being kinder to yourself will help you deal with and understand your grief.

For those who have lost someone very important in your life whether it was a loved one, friend, family member or even your dog - healing isn’t necessarily a magical or pretty experience as we paint it out to be but healing is when we go through it at our own pace, one step at our time and give ourselves that time to heal. They say, even the darkest nights end with a sunrise so our hearts are with you and we want to remind you that you are a blessing! Life will never stop throwing challenges at you no matter who you are but when we find ways to support one another and look out for each other we will get through anything.


Read Craig’s full story here:

In December 2019 my Dad passed away very suddenly. It was such a big shock as he was in good health. We were the very best of friends, did everything together and he guided me through life with every step I took. Our big passion was music and we attended lots of concerts together. I didn’t cope well when he passed and I fell into a deep depression last year becoming physically unwell too with some hospital visits.

One day recently whilst I was visiting my Mum, she looked down at my feet and saw holes in my socks. “You’ll have to get new socks”  she said.

I said ‘I know’ but deep down I didn’t care whether I got new socks or not. I really didn’t care that I had holes in my socks. I didn’t care about anything except that my Dad was no longer here and that I was struggling so much in life without him.

With everything that had happened and being in the midst of lockdown, buying new socks was the very last thing on my mind.

Eventually though, I decided to purchase some socks online. I had always liked bright socks because they made me feel good but now I didn’t care what socks I bought. I actually was just going to purchase the first socks I saw regardless of colour etc.

Whilst online, I stumbled across your website and I smiled so much when I saw your socks.

I smiled more than I had smiled in a very long time. I smiled even more when I read about your charitable causes and what your business is doing to help others. I then thought of Dad and how he would have smiled at your socks and would have wanted me to be happy and to wear something happy on my feet.

After all, his whole life was dedicated to making me happy. I struggled with several things throughout my life like many people do and Dad was my confidante and my rock and importantly my counsellor when things got tough.


Your socks are helping the homeless take a step to a brighter future. I also think your socks in a small but positive way are going to help me start to rebuild my life without Dad.

Every morning I’ll put them on and I will think of Dad and smile and I’ll know that the socks are helping me and, importantly, someone else too.

It will also be a reminder of that day I reluctantly went searching for any old socks and came across socks which made me smile and look at my own situation more positively.

Also last year, I fell ill due to dehydration from not taking care of myself so the water bottle is a welcome addition too and will serve as a constant reminder that I need to be good and kind to myself.

Some things are just meant to be and finding your company online was just meant to be that day. I know that I will be buying gifts from your site for Birthday and Christmas presents for my friends. I also can’t wait to see your new range of socks when they are launched.

Thank you for helping me on my road to recovery. I’ve a long journey ahead of me  and things are still tough but I will get there. I never thought I would ever send such an email but then I never thought socks could perhaps hold the key to starting happier times for me.

Thank you for listening.

We hope Craig’s story reminds you of the simplest things in life and how it is possible to feel good again it just takes time and the right moment will come.

He sent us an email we never knew we needed to see but it helped keep us motivated and continue building our brand. During the tough and bad days, all we need is a little bit of light and he gave us exactly that.