Tony's Chocolonely in Leiho Socks & Chocs Gift Boxes

Leiho x Tony's Chocolonely

Our Socks & Chocs gift boxes were such a treat that we have decided to take the next step and switch the chocolates to the one and only, Tony’s Chocolonely! The most delicious chocolates that are fighting against modern slavery in the cocoa farming industry. 

Here’s a little bit about the incredible work they do:

In 2005, Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken wanted to set a leading example to show that all chocolate should be 100% slave free, so not only did he go and find witnesses to prove that cocoa workers were being treated in harsh conditions, he also went ahead and produced the first ever fair-trade and slave-free chocolate bar, and sold 13,000 of them! In 2008, the Chocolonely Foundation was formed to support cocoa farming communities and fund projects aimed at ending slavery in the chocolate industry.

Today, Tony’s Chocolonely’s bars are divided in unequal pieces to represent the inequalities between stakeholders in the cocoa industry. Big Choco as they call it, refers to large multi-national chocolate companies that take a large share of the margins made from sales, while cocoa farmers and workers (including children forced into harsh labour) get only a small share of the pie. Until the industry becomes 100% fair and equal, they have made a promise to keep their bars this way.

Pretty cool right? So the next time you buy a bar of chocolate, we hope you’ll be more conscious of where you choose to give your money to.

Order your Socks & Chocs box here today! With each box, another warm pair of socks and chocolates will also go to someone experiencing homelessness.