Stories from our Frontline Heroes.

Stories from our Frontline Heroes.

At Leiho, we love random acts of kindness. During these times of uncertainty, we wanted to spread a bit of joy so we gave out just over 45 pairs of Leiho socks to some of our frontline heroes - from people working within in NHS, delivery workers, shop workers, carers to emergency service workers. We have been so overwhelmed and touched by all the wonderful stories that we wanted to share a few that inspired us:

Ruth: "My dad has been working for 20 years caring for developmentally delayed clients and is working extra hard to ensure that they stay safe during this crisis!"

Jack's sister: “Fliss has just qualified as GP and is now working on the front line testing people for the Virus and has volunteered to be stationed at the new nightingale hospital!”

Maulik:I am an advanced practitioner radiographer in head and neck cancer. Treating patients, providing them psychological and emotional support as well as symptom management.

Chloe: “My mum doesn't deem herself 'worthy of all this attention' as she's in the community not a hospital but she's still an NHS superstar, looking after vulnerable children and families and supporting those in need at this time"

Matt is an "ICU doctor. All round good egg. Works tirelessly to keep people safe. Never has clean socks."

Kyla: "I work as a full time assistant at the moment in our big local tesco! I am working as a cashier and I'm also a law student.”

We are tremendously grateful for every single frontline and key worker out there taking care of all of us. You are all truly amazing and we can't thank you enough!