Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs

International Women's Day - Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

This International Women's Day, we asked some inspiring female founders to share some words of wisdom for all the aspiring girl bosses out there. You'll find the amazing things they are doing to challenge the way of the world.

Claire Warner - Founder of AECORN

AECORN is a non-alcoholic aperitifs brand made from hand-picked English sparkling wine grapes grown in Sussex.

Claire's words of wisdom:
"Say yes to every opportunity and figure it out afterwards. When opportunities come your way, grab them with both hands. Better to say yes and fail, than say no and never grow."

Hawaa Budraa & Gina Dorodvand - Founders of UUNN

UNN is the world's first intelligent app to check and improve your teeth.
Hawaa & Gina's words of wisdom:
"There are no setbacks, failures or wrong decisions, just experiences and learnings! You got this, believe it."

Rianna Patterson - Founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation

A youth-led organisation that aims to raise awareness for Dementia, raise funds and provide emotional support for families affected.
Rianna's words of wisdom:
You can learn more from failure than success. Every challenge you've faced is adding to your legacy so don't be afraid to tell your story to inspire the next generation.

Maria Igwebuike - Founder of Maria Callisto

A luxury hand-made sustainable lingerie brand using materials from off cut fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill.
Maria's words of wisdom:
Always remember that success starts with you. You need to have the passion, drive and believe in yourself and your ability that’s the only way to succeed.

Eevi Arter - Founder of Effortlessly Eco

A stylish, sustainable and 100% vegan online shop. Bringing you effortless and ethical eco swaps to help save our planet!
Eevi's words of wisdom:
Don't let what other people say have an impact on what you want to do with your life. It's your life, so live it the way you want to!

Be sure to check out their pages to find out more about the inspiration behind their businesses. Every founder has their own story and if you're a budding entrepreneur, we encourage you to follow these amazing women's words of wisdom and trust the process!