Leiho stainless steel water bottles

Limited edition Water Bottles

It's Plastic Free July and there's no better time to introduce our new stainless steel water bottles! An average person buys over 100 plastic bottles of water every year so imagine just how much plastic is consumed every year just from looking at the average stats of a bottle.

A simple way to kickstart our plastic free journey is to switch to reusable and durable water bottles: we are launching our 2 new Leiho bottles - Go with the Flow and Seas the Day! Not only do these bottles help promote cleaner oceans but homeless people are at risk of dehydration, heatstroke and other heat related illnesses during the summer and we want to help keep them hydrated so for every bottle sold, we will provide water for those in need.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

These bottles are made out of the highest grade 304 stainless steel with super insulated vacuum walls to make it suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Stainless steel makes a great sustainable alternative to plastic bottles because the manufacturing process requires less energy than plastic, no toxic chemicals are used upon production making it safe to store water and other liquids, and eventually the steel can be recycled entirely into new products so no material goes to waste. In short, they are reusable, durable, safe for consumption, and are not harmful to the environment!

So how are these bottles helping people in need?

Water is a basic human need, but throughout the summer, homeless people are at high risk for dehydration, heat stroke and in some extreme cases even death. So with every Leiho bottle sold, we will give Aquapax cartoned water to homeless people in hopes to help them stay hydrated and safe when temperatures rise.

We are so thrilled with this new launch and we hope to continue to inspire simple solutions to help our local communities in need! Stay tuned for updates on who we are working with to distribute the water cartons to those who need it most.