Simple ways of becoming plastic free by Leiho

8 Simple Ways of Becoming Plastic Free

Did you know more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year? There are also roughly 1 in 3 species of marine mammals that have been found entangled in marine litter and 90% of sea birds have had plastic pieces stuck in their stomachs. These are alarming figures that demand our attention now more than ever.

As it’s Plastic Free July, we thought we’d suggest some easy and simple ways to be more environmentally conscious and live plastic free. These are easy alternatives that do really help make a big difference for our life on earth.

Let's start with our 3 BYOB’s!

  1. BYOB #1– Bring your own BOTTLE

Quench your thirst with your own funky water bottle rather than buying a plastic bottles that does a lot of damage to the environment. (Plus you also save money because an average person buys over 100 plastic bottles every year). We may be biased but our Leiho stainless steel bottles are a great option, they also help provide clean water to someone in need!

  1. BYOB # 2– Bring your own BAG

Always keep a rolled up tote bag everywhere you go! You never know if you might end up buying something so keeping a reusable shopping bag in your purse/bag makes sure you never have to opt for an extra plastic bag for 50p!

  1. #BYOB 3 – Bring your own BOX

Whether you’re heading into work or Uni make sure you pack your lunch in a reusable lunch box and pack your snacks in reusable snack bags rather than using Ziploc bags! If you’re going to a restaurant and you know there is a chance you might not be able to finish your food, save your food for later and bring your own Tupperware box for your doggy bag!

  1. Bring your own Coffee Mugs and Reusable Straws:

Why not enjoy your coffee (or any other drink) from your own reusable coffee mug? Just think about how many cups you’d be saving if you brought your own? Lots of coffee shops now also offer discounts if you have a reusable mug with you. If you enjoy cold drinks, make sure to also bring along a reusable straw, it’s cool to bring your own straw now you know.

  1. Supermarkets… the hotspot for plastic!

The things to look out for here are endless, but these are just a couple of things to keep in mind next time you go and do your food shop! Always opt for the loose fruit and vegetables (you can buy fruit and veggie mesh bags), try and avoid food in plastic packaging such as frozen items, buy milk that comes in cartons or glass jars and finally pick up a loaf of bread that isn’t pre-packaged in plastic!

  1. Beeswax and produce bags:

We all know that cling film is a cheap and easy option but invest in some beeswax or produce bags to cover and store your food. These are both washable, reusable and so it makes the perfect alternative.

  1. Solid Shampoo or Soap bars

Solid Shampoos and Soap bars do the exact same job as their plastic bottled alternatives, so this swap is really simply done and a no brainer!

  1. Recycle or repurpose the plastic you own

If in any circumstances you already own single-use plastic bottles/bags, give them new life by repurposing them! For example, a plastic bottle makes a perfect plant pot. You can paint or decorate it to suit your style. Otherwise, if you can’t think of any use for it, please be sure to put those plastic in the recycling bin so they don't end up in landfill or the oceans.

We hope this gives you a bit of an idea of how easy it is to take that small step and make a change for the better of the life on our planet.

Written by Sadee Abrate