Simple Plastic Free Alternatives

Do-Gooders #6 - Plastic Free Alternatives

It’s no secret that plastic is harming our environment, and with most products being sold in plastic packaging or containing plastics, it seems impossible to avoid it. So, for this month’s Do-Gooders we wanted to share some brands which offer great plastic free alternatives for various different products, including some daily essentials!

Eco Warrior Soap

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Soap bars are the perfect option to eradicate unnecessary plastic from the environment. Eco Warrior offer six different bars, ranging from an exfoliating bar to shampooing, they’ve got it all. The best part? Their products are vegan and sustainably made, contain no plastics and all the packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable. They have estimated that their sales over a course of a year could help save a million plastic bottles, so join us and make that switch!

The Beeswax Wrap Co.

Over the past couple of years Bees Wax has become a popular alternative for the environmentally unfriendly Clingfilm. The Beeswax Wrap Co. wraps come in all kinds of sizes and designs. They are ethically handmade in the Cotswolds and can be used to wrap fresh produce, as well as to cover dishes. Not only are they a more sustainable option, they also help keep your food naturally fresh for longer! So next time before thinking of stocking up on Clingfilm perhaps invest in some washable and reusable Beeswax Wraps.


In the United States alone 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year, adding 50 million pounds of waste to landfills. Clearly it’s time for a change. Truthbrush sells bamboo toothbrushes, made with plant based bristles. Offering various different colours, as well as varying softness of the bristles. Switching out your toothbrush is a simple step, but one that could make a big difference!

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

Did you know that not only are lots of Cosmetic products packaged in plastic, many also contain micro plastics? This is why All Earth Mineral Cosmetics decided to create Makeup items made from minerals and other 100% natural and vegan ingredients. Their pots are fully biodegradable, made with sustainably sourced beechwood and plastic inners from recycling fishing nets. What’s more, these pots can be reused and simply refilled once you run out!


A brand which creates sustainable products, helping you cut plastic from your everyday life. Alongside their other items, Nought sells a lunchbox which is almost completely made out of bamboo. This is a great option to take your lunch with you when you’re out and about, or to bring along to any restaurant and use as an alternative to plastic takeaway boxes. A small change which can go a long way and help them achieve their dreams of creating a disposable plastic free world.

So just because Plastic Free July is almost over doesn’t mean that being plastic free is over. We hope this has given you an idea of different brands that are offering easy alternatives to plastic. Join us in making a change to become more conscious about our consumption.