Do-Gooders #7 - Helping Lebanon

Do-Gooders #7 - Helping Lebanon

Early this month a massive explosion shook Lebanon's capital of Beirut, gravely damaging the city and its residents. From losing families, burning homes, destroying businesses, hospitals, agriculture, and roads - no one should have to go through any of what the capital of Beirut has experienced. Even though the explosion took place at the beginning of the month, there are still so many people who have lost everything and are suffering without homes. That's why this month, we are sharing some organisations who are providing disaster relief actions to help rebuild the city and its people.

Live Love Beirut

Live Love Beirut has pooled together funds that go directly to NGOs who are working on the grounds of the explosion and helping to find people who are still missing. As part of their united citizen-driven movement, they are helping rebuild the city of Beirut, along with the lives of those affected by the explosion through call centers and other emergency support.

Beit El Baraka

Founded in Beirut, Beit El Baraka assists the elderly of Lebanon through providing basic needs like housing, medical aid, food, and farming. The blast has left so many houses destroyed, leaving thousands of citizens displaced, so Beit El Baraka’s efforts are needed more than ever at this time. Donating to them will ensure a sense of dignity and relief in Lebanon’s senior citizens who have lost everything.

Donner Sang Compter

This organization has set up blood drives throughout Lebanon in hopes to promote blood donation as a humanitarian and national cause. In light of the tragedy, Donner Sang Compter is committed to accumulating blood for hospitals in Beirut that are treating those affected by the explosion. By donating to Doner Sang Compter you can help provide life saving blood transfusions to victims of the explosion.

Save the Children

Save The Children has been working with Lebanon for over six decades by using a rights-based approach that increases the general quality of life for the children of Lebanon and their families. In wake of the explosion, they are committed to delivering and expanding physical and emotional support to all victims of this tragedy. By donating to Save The Children, you are helping reunite children with their families.

No matter where you are in the world, there will always be a way to help. Even the smallest donation can help support these charities and make a big difference, so please check them out and see how you can contribute.

Written by Meghan Lee Ross