Brands using their voice to take a stand and make a change for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Do-Gooders #5: Black Lives Matter

In light of recent events and the continuous injustice the Black community has been facing, we realise that change needs to be embedded amongst many aspects of our lives. So this month we’ve decided to share a few businesses that are using their brand voice to take a stand, listen to our people and make a change.


Ever noticed how most Bandages only come in light colours? 100 years after their launch, Band-Aid has taken the stand to fight against systemic racism and stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, collaborators and community. They will soon be launching new bandages in various “light, medium and deep shades of brown and black skin tones that embrace the beauty of diverse skin”. Being one of biggest bandage brands in the world, they have definitely set a great example for a brand that truly cares about their customers.


For many years, pink satin Pointe Shoes were the only option available for the millions of ballerinas. Dancers of colour often had to use makeup or spray paint their shoes to match their skin colour. Following a petition on demanding the company to add darker pointe shoes, Bloch will now start making pointe shoes to match black and Asian skin tones. “Dancers should only worry about their dancing on stage, not about the makeup rubbing off their shoes during the rehearsal or performance.”


There’s no better time to spread positive energy and Project Feelgood is doing just that! Given the recent death of George Floyd, they’ve decided to re-launch their “NAH” t-shirt, attributing Rosa Park’s bravery in 1955. It’s also a reminder that “sometimes saying NO and standing up for what you believe in can be the most empowering, life changing thing you can do.” These ethically produced NAH Tees are now available for pre-order, with £1 from sales being donated to the #blacklivesmatter charity.


A space to shop all kinds of independent black-owned businesses in the UK! Alongside their discovery platform, they offer year-long discount cards, making shopping easy and affordable, whilst helping them work towards their goal of making shopping at these brands as instinctive as any other! Jamii’s list of partners is rapidly growing, helping you uncover countless brands and find new fashionable pieces, beautiful artwork, indulging eats, exceptional beauty products, and much more!


It’s no secret that there is a clear gap in the Cosmetic Market and this is exactly why Brown Beauty Talk launched their online platform. Despite Asian and Black women’s love for hair and beauty products, they are not strongly represented within the industry. Therefore, Brown Beauty Talks set up this space to give all beauty lovers the opportunity to indulge in all things beauty and connecting beauty enthusiasts with brands which cater to them!
We hope you enjoyed this months Do-Gooders blog as much as we enjoyed learning more about brands that are standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and uniting with their consumers to respond to this movement.
If you know any do-good brands that we need to hear about, or if you are one yourself, get in touch so we can share it with our community!

Written by Sadee Abrate