Aquapax: The Water We Distribute

Aquapax: The Water We Distribute

Despite the colder days and nights passing, the summer months bring a whole new set of risks and vulnerabilities to people on the streets. With the high risk of homeless people suffering from heat-related illnesses and dehydration, we decided to try and better this injustice by partnering with Aquapax.

For every Leiho bottle sold, we will give cartons of Aquapax water to homeless shelters, homelessness services and outreach services to ensure homeless people stay hydrated in the heat.

Aquapax, the original pioneer brand of sustainable and pure water, are the leading wholly recyclable and fundamentally more sustainable alternative. They source some of the purest and most ecologically sensitive waters in the world.

Their end to end carbon balanced supply chain, from sourcing their supplies to reusing recycled cartons to make paper products or green building materials, as well as their FSC certified carton paperboards, prove their commitment to being more environmentally sustainable. Additionally, their packaging design allows the water to stay cooler for much longer, which is especially beneficial during the hotter months.

These characteristics make Aquapax an excellent substitute for the largely consumed plastic water bottles, which mostly end up in landfills and take 450-500 years to break down into hazardous micro-plastics. Out of those that don’t end up in landfills, an estimated 4 billion wind up in the ocean every year. The cartons are also lightweight, super convenient to carry around for refills and the bottles look pretty cool too!

With this partnership and thanks to all your support, not only are we able to provide water, a basic human need, for homeless people, but also to ensure we are being sustainable and environmentally conscious when doing so. As our partner puts it, “It’s time for a change, it’s time for Aquapax”.

Written by Sadee Abrate