Donating socks at Streets Fest

Streets Fest: A Festival for the Homeless

Yesterday hundreds of homeless people gathered at Streets Fest in Finsbury Park hosted by Streets Kitchen in solidarity with Islington Council and Haringey London. The event offered free health checks and access to free services for the homeless community. To name a few, here are some of our favourites:


Free haircuts and free braids!


StreetsVet, a non-profit organisation provided homeless pet owners who can't afford private veterinary treatment with free treatment and food for their dogs.


Free showers with free toiletries, towels, cleansing wipes and... can you spot some of the socks we donated?


'Streets Beats and Thoughts', a discussion through spoken word hosted by Kwame Baoteng. He encouraged fellow poets to share their poems and drive community discussions on social and political issues.


Although very last minute, we are so grateful for Jon from Streets Kitchen for giving us the opportunity to walk around handing out free socks. It was very refreshing for us to see how the littlest things can bring together such an inspiring community.

Finally, we wanted to end this by introducing you to Tony. Meeting people like him is what inspires us to persevere with what we do.

Tony now works for a local council, "I used to be homeless and there's basic things that people need such as socks, underwear and toiletries. Sometimes I think people miss that... having a clean fresh pair of socks on your feet can make a difference in terms of your wellbeing for that day so I really want to thank you and encourage you to continue".

The Leiho team and Tony

Tony and the Leiho team

So, thank you for helping us donate more than 80 pairs of socks. It was a good start but we are excited to continue this journey with you all and make an even bigger impact next year.

Thank you Streets Fest!