More than just a Homeless Shelter. A Home.

More than just a Homeless Shelter. A Home.

Highway house shelter is based in Tottenham, London. In 2009, after meeting two homeless men in need of some help, Highway House decided to transform their church into a homeless shelter. Since then, they have sheltered all kinds of people from all walks of life, primarily offering a home to destitute men.

Since its establishment, the shelter has helped over a thousand people from over sixty different nationalities. Some of the men that have previously lived in the shelter used their creativity skills to build a shower, storage space and compartments so that residents are able to store their belongings, mattresses and bedding. Whatever they needed, they put their skills to good use and built it. They had somewhere to feel safe and they made the space their own.

In 2019, Highway House also started operating as a day centre that is open every Monday and Friday to all homeless people within the borough that are looking to receive support with housing, employment training, accessing benefits, assistance with EU settlement schemes and support with homelessness prevention. The day centre also provides anyone that walks through the door with a meal, a shower and laundry facilities. Their help is extensive, humbling and genuine, which is why we have chosen to partner with Highway House.



We are proud to say that our mission resonates greatly with the efforts and hard work that the shelter and day centre put into helping homeless people every day. The shelter has given people second, third and fourth chances to transform their lives, turning away from abusive habits, putting their families back together, restoring marriages and even reuniting men with their children.

A report revealed that for every £1 invested in Highway House, £5-8 is returned to society. Highway House is planning to expand so that they are able to accommodate more people and build a women’s shelter. Highway House deserves to grow its service so that they can extend their hands to those who need it, helping save and prevent the number of homeless people living in the UK.

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