Water donated to Spires

192 Cartons of Water Donated to Spires

“For Homeless and Disadvantaged People”

Spires is a South London based charity that helps hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people throughout the year. COVID-19 has been especially hard for vulnerable people and the Spires staff are doing everything they can do to accommodate them, even with a reduced service. They offer breakfast every morning outside their hall for those who find themselves in a desperate situation for the first time and for those who have no place to stay.

Spires' Chief Executive, Nigel Carpenter said "staff have continued to complete need and risk assessments for new people presenting to the service and have worked hard to ensure they get the support they require. We are seeing new people practically every day who have lost their place to stay. Many suffer having experienced multiple traumas, some have mental health and/or substance misuse issues. Spires works with service users and offers choices that can enable them to get stability back into their lives"

To help support Spires and the people they accommodate, we have provided them with 192 cartons of water for their breakfast mornings and for people to carry around during the day.

Nigel also said "The last week or so has seen record temperatures and the packs of water we have received from Leiho have been a life saver for many desperate for a handy sized drink to carry around."

Keep up the good work Spires, we love your values and vision of making sure no one is left without a home, advice or guidance - we fully stand by this and couldn’t agree more!

Check out Spires here and see how you can help too!