Water donated to StreetVet, a charity giving free veterinary care for pets of people without a homeless

100 Cartons of Water donated to StreetVet

Today is International Homeless Animal day. This is a day to help raise awareness for the 100,000 dogs and cats without homes in the UK. With approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats killed each year because shelters are too full. (That means roughly 80,000 animals per week!)

Just like humans, in the summer our furry friends are at risk of heatstrokes, burned paws, sunburn and dehydration which is why we have donated 100 cartons of water to StreetVet - a charity providing free veterinary care for the pets of homeless people. Founded by Jade Statt and Sam Joseph in 2016, they are a team of volunteer vets and nurses who dedicate their time to giving treatments to dogs (and sometimes cats and bunnies) on the streets. In London, they have regular outreach stations around Camden, Clapham, Soho and Shoreditch.

We first met StreetVet in September 2019 at Streets Fest, a festival for homeless people. They had a stall where anyone could get come and get free treatments for their pets. Homeless people often prioritize the wellbeing and health of their dogs over their own. They offer free vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, anti-flea treatments, prescribed medications and even surgeries when needed.

Thank you StreetVet helping our furry friends safe and healthy. Even throughout the pandemic, they have been following the safety guidelines from the government and continue to carry out their services. Check out their website and find out how you can help!

If you are looking for ways to help out some furry companion, we'd suggest supporting charities that are working hard to rescue and rehome vulnerable animals. If you see homeless people with pets, buy them both a bottle of water because chances are they will both need it!