Leiho homelessness outreach day with PINT Giving charity

Over 200 thermal socks, underwear, beanies, sweaters, water bottles and chocolates donated with PINT Giving

PINT Giving stands for People In Need Today Giving and they are a goodwill project, focused on regular outreaches for the homeless. They operate in Central London, mainly in the vicinity of Charing Cross. They emphasise the importance of raising awareness on key societal issues including homelessness and encourage others to get involved. PINT Giving has consistently gone out to lend a hand to the homeless and they have been very persistent in their efforts. Since the early days of the pandemic, PINT Giving has gone out almost every day to distribute hot food, snacks and essentials to rough sleepers.

Leiho wanted to help and support their cause, so we joined one of their Central London outreaches and distributed over 200 items of essentials including thermal socks, underwear, beanies and sweaters. We also distributed insulated stainless-steel bottles to help keep hot drinks like hot chocolate and tea warm. Additionally, chocolates were also given out and were probably the highlight of some peoples’ day. The chocolates and socks proved to be the most popular items as some of the scenarios we experienced allowed to see how thankful the homeless were for these items. When one gentleman received his new socks, he changed into them immediately! Another gentleman had worn out shoes but no socks to wear them with, so he was very happy to receive several pairs of new socks. As expected, the chocolates were a hit because nobody refused them – I guess we all need to satisfy our sweet tooth sometimes!  PINT Giving are on Instagram and Twitter (@pintgiving) so you can visit their pages and check out their most recent outreach missions and social impact.


Written by: Georgina Weston