48 Cartons of Water Donated to Restart Lives

48 Cartons of Water Donated to Restart Lives

Homelessness is a widespread issue within society, signified in many ways and it’s not limited to rough sleepers on the street. It is difficult to quantify homelessness because not all types of homelessness are visible and accounted for in national statistics. As a result, it can be challenging to help because we may not know how we can be of assistance and that’s where Restart Lives comes in.

Restart Lives is a charity based in London, aiding homeless people in their plight to equip them with the necessary skills to build themselves up. This includes an array of skills such as helping them to find accommodation and employment, which are very integral in gaining stability and confidence. They also help to encourage the people they work with to socialise and forge relationships with staff and volunteers. This is especially important and admirable because at the end of the day, people experiencing homelessness are human, and will enjoy company and conversation with someone who is willing to listen. Despite restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Restart Lives have been able to continue supporting the homeless in any way they can. For example, they offer weekly drop-ins (according to social-distancing rules) where people experiencing homelessness can enjoy a nutritious meal. For more information on the fantastic work Restart Lives do or how you can get involved, visit their Instagram (@restartlives) and see what you can do to help.

Leiho recently donated 48 cartons of aquapax to Restart Lives in an effort to support another charity fighting homelessness. Water is vital for our survival, so it is essential that we remain hydrated. Unfortunately, people experiencing homelessness don’t always have access to water and are more likely to experience dehydration, especially in the summer heat if they lack shade and shelter. It can also lead to illness and therefore it is imperative that people experiencing homelessness receive enough water to drink.

Aquapax is a water company focused on helping the environment by using sustainable packaging and donating money to worldwide projects to protect and restore the environment. Since their bottles are made from environmentally friendly material, they can be recycled. This helps to reduce the amount of single-use plastics used for bottled water which are very damaging for the environment.  This donation also helps to support Leiho’s commitment to being eco-friendly.


Written by: Georgina Weston