Tips On How To Stay Productive And Motivated - 2022 Edition

Tips On How To Stay Productive And Motivated - 2022 Edition

As every new year passes it’s easy to feel the pressure of having to be as productive as possible and be the very best version of yourself which can so easily lead to burn out! For that reason, below I’ve shared a few helpful tips for staying productive and motivated– but also ensuring you’re doing so in a way that is healthy for your body and mind.


Tip 1: Take breaks

We hear this time and time again but taking breaks between working is so vital. As it reduces the likelihood of you becoming burned out, keeps you refreshed and boosts your energy levels throughout the day, which is known to have a positive impact on your work!


Tip 2: Focus on yourself in the mornings 

In the mornings its easy to get caught up in the work you know you’re yet to start, but before you do that its helpful to focus on you before you begin. Whether that’s reading some of the book you’re currently reading or chilling whilst making yourself a tasty and healthy breakfast, both of which will help you get in the right mindset before work and removing any anxiousness.


Tip 3: Reward Yourself 

Maybe a cheeky snack for every task completed? Setting rewards for completing projects, whether it may be getting a bite to eat or tuning into your favourite song, can be a motivating way of pushing you to work through your tasks for that day.


Tip 4: Find ways to have fun whilst staying productive

Finding joy in the tasks that seem tedious always helps get the job done effectively. Perhaps that could be taking a walk to brainstorm ideas or listening to music as you work may help you get in a positive mindset to complete your tasks.


Tip 5: Set yourself a reasonable bedtime

Although this may seem childish, it’s important to ensure you are well rested each day. Sleep deprivation has a negative correlation with performance so it’s important to get enough sleep so that the next morning you’ll wake up fresh and ready to be productive.


Tip 6: Exercise after work

Maybe heading to the gym after work or trying out a fitness class. Studies show that this helps reduce stress hormones and can effectively clear your mindset.


Tip 7: Define your goals and remind yourself why you want to achieve them

For some people it’s helpful to have their goals written down in front of them. Perhaps through a vision board or even simply noted in their journal. Once you have this noted, it’s helpful to look over this from time to time to remind yourself of your goals and make sure you’re on the right track!


We hope these tips help you in some way as you juggle through life. Each tip differs, so feel free to take on the tips that resonate with you most!



Written by: Shania Foster