The benefits of helping others - helping turtles

The Benefits Of Helping Others And Giving Back

We live in a very fast-paced, hectic world that is constantly evolving - technologically, environmentally and economically - which can easily get us caught up in worrying about how we are going to survive tomorrow. By living like this, it’s easy to forget the one thing that helps the world go round, which is helping others and showing kindness and compassion to the people around us - from little tasks like giving someone a piece of advice to helping someone on the street just like this turtle in the Gif is doing, to supporting communities on a larger scale through charities. It’s very easy to forget just how much helping others benefits ourselves.


Read about some reasons how giving back can benefit you and why we rave about it so much at Leiho:


1. A positive impact on your mental health

Research has shown the intrinsic feeling of satisfaction in doing something good for someone else increases happiness, decreases depression and improves overall wellbeing.

    2. Beneficial for your physical health

    Giving back through volunteering, especially activities that involve moving around decreases blood pressure as well as stress when you are surrounded by a likeminded group of individuals that appreciate and understand you!

      3. Builds self-confidence

      Through selfish reasons or not, it's reassuring to know that your input is making a difference to someone else's life, no matter how big or small.

        4. Creates a sense of belonging and community

        You are able to meet new people and form a connection with those that are passionate about the causes you are supporting. Moreover, as restrictions lessen throughout this pandemic, you can begin meeting those in the community groups in person, further building social relationships by simply helping others.

          5. Helps make new friends

          Helping others can also introduce you to new people you wouldn’t have otherwise met. For example, let’s say a stranger DM’s you on Instagram asking for advice and you do so. As the conversation grows, you might even end up building a friendship with that person! If you had decided not to give that person advice and help you would have never had that relationship you now treasure.

            6. Helps bring more awareness of surrounding and others 

            Helping others also helps put things into perspective for us, as it may make you feel grateful for what you have in life and help you remember you shouldn’t always take life for granted. 
              Overall, it’s clear helping others helps us personally as well as helping make a huge difference in making the world a better place, as one kind step creates a kinder, more safer world.



              Written by Shania Foster