How to Style Funky Socks - Founder’s Edition

How to Style Funky Socks - Founder’s Edition

When it comes to socks, real debate is, simple or funky? At Leiho we are all about spreading love and positivity in the streets and what better way to do that than through a pair of smiley socks?!

Now our cofounder Joey is known for her style and love for fashion so here's how she's styled some of our Leiho smiley socks and other featured products:
The 'Think Pink' Bamboo Socks
The 'Hot-Sockolate' Bamboo Socks & 'How Are You' Tote 

The 'Bumble Bee Kind' Bamboo Socks, 'Head in the Clouds' Blue Cap, & 'Do Good' Tote 

The 'It's Okay to Feel Blue' Bamboo Socks

The 'Driving Me Navy' Bamboo Socks

The 'Sporty & Kind' Organic Cotton Ribbed Socks



We also sat down with Joey to get to know a bit more about her style:

  1. What do you prefer simple or funky socks?
    • "It really depends on what I’m wearing to be honest but most days but I’d say 60% of the time I’m wearing simple socks and 40% of the time funky."
  2. What are your top styling tips for Leiho’s funky socks?
    • "I love matching the colour of my socks with what I’m wearing so colour co-ordinating them with my trousers, tops, shoes or coats!"
  3. What’s your favourite Leiho item?
  4. What do you love most about bamboo socks?
    • "It’s so ridiculously soft and cosy!"

Want to try it out for yourself? Check out our shop to find our super soft bamboo socks and other eco-conscious do-goodies that support local vulnerable communities through impact projects, employment opportunities and wellbeing related activities!