Christmas Crackers for your Office Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Crackers for your Office Christmas Dinner!

The annual office Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without crackers! But did you know that around 154 million crackers are pulled across the UK each year. It’s estimated that 40 million crackers are thrown away, and the remainder, who knows? If you were to line that out end-to-end that is equivalent to 1,220 Mount Everests, we have mentioned this in a previous blog but aren’t those stats incredible, Everest is 8,849 metres high! So to expand on that you’d have to walk up 53,985,00 steps to see the end of that line.

Not only this, the high majority of those crackers contain plastic toys and other things, not to mention the cheesy dad jokes. So we at Leiho have come up with something different, why not have crackers containing something that you can use, that are sustainable and that serve a daily purpose? Each year we put our cosy bamboo socks into eco-friendly Christmas crackers. Additionally, we offer individuals going through a challenging time in their lives an opportunity to earn a small income and develop a route back into employment opportunities by making these crackers. Check out our Christmas Cracker Employment Project we ran last year in partnership with the Islington Council!

Here’s some facts and information about our crackers and socks

  • Zero waste plastic 
  • Recyclable materials 
  • Crackers made through pilot employment projects 
  • Bamboo socks 
  • Helps clients with temporary jobs and small income 
  • Helps develop routine and transferable skills for future employment

Our eco friendly, bamboo sock filled crackers are a great option for those office Christmas dinners! We can provide CUSTOMISED xmas crackers with your team logo or why not something fun for your team to wear all year round! We can also provide Leiho socks if designing a custom sock is too stressful.

This year we are also offering something new, our Christmas cracker team workshops, an opportunity for you and your team to bond whilst making some crackers together! Interested to know more? Drop us a message at