Do-Gooders #3

Do-Gooders #3

It's that time of the month... our third Do-Gooders is a special shout out to 3 organisations that we've watched become an inspiration by doing such amazing things for their local communities and their country during this crisis.


"We exist to raise awareness of societal needs with technology and storytelling, and mobilize people to take part in it.”
We’ve all heard that washing your hands is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19, however, if you don’t have a home, it’s unlikely that you will have access to a sink especially with all the closures.
Terence Lester was once a homeless teenager and is now the executive director of Love Beyond Walls, dedicated to helping the homeless. The difficulties homeless people are facing now made Lester think about how they might get through this if “they can’t even wash their hands?”
Lester has found portable washbasins that are sold for RVs and camping and have turned them into portable sinks for their ‘Love Sinks In’ campaign. These sinks have a foot pump to bring water from the tank to the faucet with soap dispensers built into each station. 


To help the most vulnerable in our society through this difficult period, The Plattery are sending out free delicious food to vulnerable individuals who do not have easy access to healthy food.
The Plattery are also delivering big platter boxes straight to their customers doors with the option for a ‘pay-it-forward’ initiative. Customers can add £5 to their bill which helps pay for the food and care packages for those in need.
Contents of the care packages include items that have been proven hard to find in supermarkets such as paracetamol, tissues and cleaning wipes. Other items include playing cards, snacks, and fruits.
Not only are The Plattery providing free food for vulnerable people but they have also been delivering delicious meals to our NHS heroes.


The Visor Army founded by Deborah Abraham, are a “public army of volunteers making visors to keep our NHS staff safe in the fight against COVID-19”.
PPE is crucial during this pandemic and with the NHS staff on the frontline not being able to access the right protective equipment for their own safety, the Visor Army has come to their rescue by making tens of thousands of visors to be distributed to hospitals. They even teach people how to make theirs visors with all the instructions here!
With £10 paying for a minimum of 25 visors, they have now raised over £40,000 enough to make 110,000 visors. Support these heroes making visors for our NHS heroes by helping fund their project!
It's organisations like these that remind us that we are stronger together and that we can get through hard times if we help out one another.
If you know any do-good brands that we need to hear about, or if you are one yourself, get in touch so we can share it with our community!