1 Pair = 4 Meals

1 Pair = 4 Meals

Life is a little different for us all right now. For many, being in isolation means working from home, virtual pub quizzes, FaceTiming friends and family, binge watching TV shows, learning new recipes and keeping safe.

However, as you can imagine, our homeless community are currently one of the most vulnerable during the crisis of COVID-19 alongside with many others.  

We want to make sure that we can do as much as we can to help.

From today till the end of may, we will be converting our socks into meals.

For every pair of socks sold, this will help provide 4 meals those who need it most right now.

1 pair = 4 meals.


We are proud to team up with Slough Outreach, an organisation that helps provide hot meals, clothes and advocacy support to those struggling with homelessness and complex needs. During this time we’ve watched them work 7 days a week, partnering with local kitchens to help feed families and vulnerable communities. Slough Outreach have a 100% no-cash policy and they solely rely on donated items to operate. That’s why we’re converting our socks into meals to help them support vulnerable families and individuals.



We all wear socks and we all need food. Top up your sock drawer with our Leiho socks and we’ll send the meals out for you.

1 pair = 4 meals for someone in need. It's as simple as it sounds.

Get your socks and send 4 meals here at our sock shop.