Customise your bamboo socks gift box for a birthday

Customise your own bamboo socks gift box for an upcoming birthday!

Mix and match any 3 pairs of super soft bamboo socks from our Leiho collection. Every pair of Leiho socks helps to support homelessness communities and local charities by funding different impact projects and essential items they need to survive. From our plain white ankle bamboo socks to our bright and funky yellow socks, we’ve got a pair for every occasion to include in your own smiley socks gift box.

Need any ideas? Check out the socks gift boxes that our co-founders have built filled with their favourite designs.


“Depending on my outfit or where I’m going, the colour of my socks is important! I do like to co-ordinate the colour of my socks with my outfit. So far, Think Pink has been my absolute favourite, it’s light, fun and subtle. I also always wear Driving Me Navy and Never A Grey Day too.”



“My go-to has always been white or black socks, so my favourite pair would have to be the white It’s Cool To Care sneaker socks! I wear it all the time, when I exercise, or go on a casual stroll in the park or even to a festival..I personally think it goes well with any outfit. If I’m feeling more adventurous, I’ll go for the Forest Green smiley patterned socks or even the yellow Sunny Rays!”



Join us and build your own bamboo socks gift box here: