7 amazing ethical sock companies that give back

Find out about some amazing sock companies that give back

In case you didn’t already know, at Leiho we love socks. Our bamboo socks represent our social enterprise that gives back to the local homeless community. But we aren’t the only do-good sock company in the world. As a start-up, we couldn’t help but admire other amazing sock companies out there that are also changing the world and saving the planet through their sustainably and ethically made socks! So, in case you were looking for more options to walk more conscious steps through your socks, here are some wonderful companies you can look up:


    1. The name says it all, ONESCK sells socks individually in singles instead of in pairs. Sounds insane? Not so much! They believe that socks should be bought in singles, so that you never have to worry about a missing sock from your laundry! They make it your choice to decide if you want to wear odd socks or wear two of the same colours. We love this philosophy. On top of that, they support the organisation Charity:Water by donating water to those who don’t have access to clean drinking water.
  2. BOODY
    1. BOODY is a BCorp certified ethical underwear and socks brand that specialises in organically-grown bamboo. They give back by donating 1% of their online sales to non-profit organisations that help protect the planet.
    1. Jollies is another sock brand that also supports the local homeless community. We love their buy one, give one initiative to support people experiencing homelessness as well as their recycling program where they take back old socks to be regenerated into industrial textile.
  4. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather
    1. Good Guys is a Parisian brand specialising in 100% vegan and cruelty free leather boots but also work with a local family owned factory in Italy to produce their OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton socks.
  5. A-DAM
    1. Designed in Amsterdam, A-DAM socks are ethically made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton or regenerated cotton with a range of styles from long socks, crew socks and liner socks. Their most unique pair of socks have a button on them so that you can attach the two pairs when you put them in the wash and never have to worry about losing your socks!
    1. At conscious step, every pair of socks supports different social and environmental causes such as conserving rainforests, supporting LGBT lives, supporting mental health, protecting endangered animals and much more.
  7. Monkey Sox
    1. Monkey Sox is a community interest company that is raising awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They make unique funky odd socks from recycled yarn and plastic bottles!