20 things to do to keep yourself busy at home

20 things to do to keep yourself busy at home

Amongst everything that’s happening, whether you’re working from home or spending more time indoors - being a big fan of lists, I’ve put together 20 things that you can do during self-isolation to keep yourself busy.


1) Curate a feel good playlist with music that makes you want to get your groove on and start swaying at your seat.

2) Reading is a perfect form of escapism and distraction. I stopped reading for a while but this year I picked up a book, got really into it and ever since I've been reading book after book. It gives you knowledge and it makes you think. (It also has numerous mental health benefits)

3) Brush off the dust from that recipe book you got for Christmas and learn some new recipes! This is a perfect opportunity for you to work on your culinary skills and get adventurous in the kitchen.

4) Get creative and do some art - perhaps some drawing or colouring?

5) Host your own film festival by finally attending to your watchlist. (Or host a marathon of all your favourites movies)

6) Keep your room and house TIDY - I cannot stress how our surroundings affect our mood. Waking up to messy house can severely impact your motivation and concentration. Organising, decluttering and tidying up your house will really benefit you. It will also make you feel very satisfied after you've cleaned the space up! Which leads me to number 7…

7) Organise your workspace! For those working from home, if you don’t have a proper desk and end up working on your dining or kitchen table, make sure that it’s clean, wiped down and your area feels organised so that you can concentrate and work in a nice environment. Nothing more demotivating then having to work on top of squashed avocado, bread crumbs and tea spills on your table.

8) Human connection is very important because times like these can get very lonely. If you’re living alone or if you know someone living alone, FaceTime them and catch up with them! Make sure you stay connected with friends and family. If you're lucky enough to be living with friends or family, have a chat, play some board games or cook a meal together!

9) Lists, lists, lists! My all time favourite and probably the most satisfying part of organisation. Write a list of things you want to do and slowly tick them off. Did you need to do a wash? Have you been meaning to work some Marie Kondo magic in your wardrobe? Did you want to get into yoga? Add it to your list!

10) For the early risers and our gym lovers, exercise at home even if it's for 20 mins to a youtube video. If you're not into intense workouts, meditate and practice yoga in the morning or evenings. By adding movement into your routine, this not only benefits your physical health but also your mental health.

11) Watch a documentary!

12) Watch some Planet Earth.

13) Write!! I’ve been writing letters and in diaries for 16 years now and it’s helped me through a lot of my struggles. Writing really helps clear your head, gather your thoughts and emotions and it also helps you see things in a different perspective. You could even write a letter to your future self with an update on what’s going on it your life right now. (These are quite fun to read in a few years time!)

14) Again if you're working from home, don’t forget to take brain breaks by stretching, looking out your window, making a cup of tea or even doing that 20 minute workout from YouTube.

15) Dance, jump or skip around the house - just keep your body moving!

16) Learn a new hobby - there is so much to learn out there like knitting, arts and crafts, drawing, learning a new language and many more!

17) Stretch again.

18) Listen to podcasts (perfect for showers or whilst cooking!)

19) Pamper yourself! Run a bath, give yourself a manicure, a facial treatment or put on a hair mask.

20) Play boardgames! Some of my favourites are: Articulate, Cluedo, Dobble and a classic, Monopoly.

I hope this has helped give you an idea of how to keep yourself busy. It's so important to pay attention to both your mental and physical health during times like these and to make sure you're not just sat at home staring at your laptop and sitting in one seat throughout the whole day - vary your activities and be active!

Let's stick together! Make sure you're checking in on the people in your lives and reaching out to them if you're feeling lonely.