Leiho helps Intuit Quickbooks source donation items for their Small Business Big Impact Day

Leiho helped source over 1k essential items for the Intuit Quickbooks “Small Business Big Impact Day”

On February 15th 2023, Intuit held their first ever ‘Small Business Big Impact Day’ dedicated towards bringing their employees together to support small businesses and give back to local vulnerable communities. This initiative was created in celebration of their 40th anniversary led by Intuit Quickbooks and Mailchimp, and as a whole the impact they made was incredible: 

  • They funded $1 million USD to go towards purchasing goods from local small businesses to support local charities - they supported over 200 small businesses through this
  • It was a global initiative involving over 10,000 employees from 17 different Intuit sites across Europe, America, Australia, India, Singapore and Israel
  • An estimate of 10,000 volunteer hours were tallied from their employees
  • The donations then went towards 40 non-profit organisations 

Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Big Impact Day

(Photo credits to Intuit)

Leiho was able to support the Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Big Impact Day in London by helping them source over 1000 items of essentials to go towards people experiencing homelessness supported by The Passage.

We helped source kitchen supplies (including pots, pans, cutlery, kettles, plates) as well as clothing items (like underwear, joggers and trainers) to be a part of the welcome packs the employees were assembling for the temporary accommodation at The Passage. The Leiho team was able to attend the Impact Day and see the packing in action. Check out the short impact video made by Intuit here!

We are so grateful to have been a part of helping make this impact day happen and to have also gotten the chance to work with a company like Intuit Quickbooks that care about giving back to the local communities!