Period poverty

41 Sanitary Pads Donated To Period Poverty

Period Poverty UK are a charity organisation supporting vulnerable women across the UK and globally through providing menstrual products and a safe community. Period Poverty UK specifically support women in most vulnerable communities such as women in refugee camps, those experiencing homelessness, women in low-income employment and female students. 

In December 2021, Leiho supported Period Poverty by donating 41 sanitary pads as well as packets of TrueStart ethical coffee sachets. Donating to Period Poverty was important, since as a company we strongly value social impact and strive to support women in vulnerable communities. Period poverty itself is a huge issue in the UK, as many women face external difficulties that prevents them from buying menstrual products. Reasons include the lack of easy access to the products as well as the lack of funding. To reinforce this, a survey by Plan International UK found that 1/7 of 1000 girls in the survey faced previous financial restraints that prevented them from being able to afford menstrual products (Bodyform, 2020). Research from Royal College of Nursing in the UK also found over 130k school children miss school some point during term time due to period poverty alone (Bagness, 2020), hence why the works of Period Poverty is truly making a difference to the lives of young women.

You can help fight the issue of period poverty by supporting this amazing organisation. Please check out their website and their socials at to find out about the different ways you can help support and also to be the first to get their latest updates and find out about their most recent campaigns.


Written by: Shania Foster