St Paul's Hostel Worcester

150 items Donated to over 43 residents with St Pauls Hostel

St Paul's hostel is an organization helping individuals who have experienced trauma and other underlying issues that may result in consequences such as homelessness  In rural areas, such as Worcester, it can be difficult to find the support needed and can quickly become isolated. Due to this, one of St Paul's key aims is to create a space where they not just avoid rough sleeping but also a place that they can belong, build friendships and connection with the people around them, creating a safety net to provide the support needed. By focusing on a person's previous history, they aim to target the root causes and trauma in order to prevent long-term issues that come with rough sleeping. 

This charity was chosen by Calum, a member of our Leiho team, who states;

“I chose this particular charity because of the hard work and dedication they put towards rehabilitating people in need of support. With the approach to identify why a person has walked through their door and how they can look into previous trauma and life experiences to help identify the support that can be put in place to create a better life. It’s great to be able to support such a positive charity.”  

By donating Over 150 items to over 43 residents at St Pauls Hostel such as toiletries, mugs, rugs and oven mitts Leiho hopes the members of the hostel can create a space of comfort and peace for themselves. Often basics such as toiletries are forgotten about when it comes to helping with donations, so we hope it goes a long way.

If you would like to volunteer, donate, join any upcoming events, such as the Big Worchester Sleep out or simply just find out more about regarding St Pauls Hostels Work, visit their website at