Herts for Refugees charity with sock donations for refugees in Dunkirk, France

110 Pairs of socks and underwear donated to refugees in Dunkirk, France

Our friends at Herts for Refugees are an amazing group of volunteers standing “in solidarity with refugees as equals” and are on a mission to support refugees and ensure that they get the respect they deserve. Our contact and CEO of Herts for Refugees, Angus Clark and his amazing team regularly go to Calais and Dunkirk in France to volunteer their time and drop off donations for the people living in camps. 

With the help of our community, Leiho was able to donate over 110 pairs of mens thermal socks and underwear for Herts for Refugee’s latest trip to Dunkirk, France. We received feedback from Angus after their visit and were shocked to hear about the conditions of the camps. 

Refugee camps in Dunkirk France

“The feelings of anger and despair that volunteers are still having to provide basic humanitarian aid and services to the world’s most vulnerable people never goes away, no matter if it’s the first visit or the fiftieth. For new volunteers, the first time in camp can be a real shock and the horrific conditions affect all of us alike.. We learned that the camp had recently been covered in clouds of chlorine gas which leaked from a nearby chemical factory. The authorities told everyone they should evacuate the camp but provided no means for them to do so or any alternative living site. Just three days later, the entire site was brutally evicted, leaving nothing but the remnants of people’s belongings in the mud…

While we may not have changed how refugees are treated in general, volunteer trips like these do improve the lives of people forced to live in these dire conditions. It can be the difference between someone getting a hot meal, a sleeping bag or just a clean pair of socks.” - Angus Clark.

As we always say at Leiho, it’s our little steps put together that make a big difference. Here are some ways you can help Herts for Refugees:

  • Donate funds that will help cover costs for their journey
  • Donate essential items from their needs list
  • Volunteer! You can also join their trips and volunteer your time at the camps.

Check out their website and help make a difference today.