Funky smiley bamboo socks for your wardrobe

This is a sign to add funky bamboo socks to your wardrobe.

A bright tie, flashy watch, or cool sunglasses could do the trick. But the trend of funky bamboo socks for men or any novelty socks has really changed the fashion game especially for men in suits. Sure, the classic white ribbed sports socks are the ultimate ‘cool’ (we are launching some white ribbed sports socks made with organic cotton soon F.Y.I.) but let’s show some love to the trend of showing off your socks. Gone are the days of hiding socks and wearing no show socks with trainers. Now it’s all about what colour or what kind of socks you pair with your shoes.

Let’s not forget the bamboo fabric our super soft socks are made from. Not only is it better for the environment but these socks come in all sorts of colours and smiley faces. Funky bamboo socks aren’t just for men either, add a pop of colour to your outfit or co-ordinate your outfit with a pair of super soft cosy socks. Whatever it is, it’s 2022 and funky bamboo socks are a must.