Sock gift boxes: The perfect treat for your friends, family & colleagues

Sock gift boxes: The perfect treat for your friends, family & colleagues

Firstly, what is a gift box? Well it’s a box full of gifts right? Yeah that’s right isn’t it? But actually it’s more than just that. Firstly it works out cheaper, well not technically but you get more for a better price. 

Our gift boxes are the perfect gift or reward for those friends, family or colleagues. We’ve carefully curated our gift boxes so that you can choose between what works best for your recipients. 

Additionally when you purchase a gift box, we dedicate 5% from any order to a meaningful and impactful charity to help support people in need, so not only can you combine a selection of treats or a happy and smiley gift, your purchase makes a difference.

So we thought we’d tell you a tale, well not so much a tale because that would be long and to be honest rather boring, but what we have done is put together a fun, fact filled, exciting read that will provide you with all the information you need about our gift boxes. 

So where do we begin? Well if you like coffee then this first one might take your fancy.

The Espresso-Self Pack:

The Espresso-Self Pack - Socks and Coffee

Firstly, with this caffeine fuelled box, you can choose any pair of socks from our range, smiley, bamboo, organic cotton, soft and cosy. Putting on these socks will instantly make you feel like you’ve sunk a tasty flat white - okay that’s a slight exaggeration but the coffee that comes with it (to be precise, 4x Truestart barista grade coffee sachets) will be the perfect set for a coffee lover. 

Fun fact: did you know that coffee is known to reduce Alzheimer’s and heart disease?

Not for you? What about this…


The Socks & Chocs Gift Box:

Socks & Chocs Gift box

Chocolate..need I say more? Yes? Okay well it’s only Tony’s Chocolonely and a pair of socks? What more do you need - settle in with a fresh and cosy pair of socks whilst you enjoy some tasty treats, I mean there’s few other pairings that come more exciting than that. I suppose you could argue that bread and butter might come close but hey, the world’s changing right?

Fun fact: did you know that the first chocolate bar was moulded in 1847?

Fine you don’t like chocolate well get this, how about coffee, a beanie and some socks? 

The Do Good, Feel Good Gift Set:

Remember what I said in the first one? Well that again but this time you're wearing a beanie. Oh wait, and three pairs of socks?! And another sachet of coffee, that’s right coffee from Monday to Friday with this one. 

Fun fact: did you know that the beanie was traditionally known in the UK as a "benny"?


The Mystery Socks Box:

Can’t decide on your sock choice? Why not let fate decide. With this one you’ve got the option to choose the element of surprise, you’ll receive a pair of socks from our range, they could be yellow, they could be blue, who knows. Not just that the price is a little more generous due to your mysterious side. 

Fun fact: less a fun fact but a nice quote: “God invented the fly but he forgot to tell us why.” - Ogden Nash 


The Bamboo Socks in A Mug Gift Set:

Smiley bamboo socks in a mug gift set by Leiho

Need somewhere to put your socks? Why not put them in a mug? Okay that’s not the purpose of this one but hey who doesn’t need a mug for those morning coffees or teas. With this one choose your socks with a Leiho smiley on your mug. A little reminder to smile whilst you sip your brew. 

Fun fact: the first mugs date back to the Neolithic Stone Age, some 10,000 years B.C. 


Matching Baby & Me Gift Set:

Matching Baby & Kids

This is the perfect gift for anyone bringing a new person into the world. We’ve designed matching socks for you and your young one. We absolutely love these, the most adorable smiley socks you’ll ever see. All of the baby socks come with bottom grip to prevent slips and slides. 

Fun fact: To be honest there is no fun fact for this one, they’re just mega cute! 

The Mix & Match Giftbox

This one is a fan favorite because who doesn’t like one thing three times? Choose not one but three socks of your choice from our selection. Can’t decide or perhaps you're unsure which particular sock is your favorite or maybe you don’t know which one your gifted person of choice will like most, well have no fear! 

Fun fact: less a fun fact again but a fun quote: Variety is the spice of life.

Written by: Calum Hill