For a sole-mate.

For a sole-mate.

With everything that has happened recently whether it's the Australian fires, Coronavirus, the tragic loss of a sporting legend, Kobe Bryant - you just never know what tomorrow can bring or what it can so easily take away.

There are two values that we share at Leiho and that is empathy and compassion. The connection between people is what keeps us motivated every day at work and it’s what reminds us of the good during the bad. That’s why for the whole of February we are inviting you to join us in spreading the love to those around you.

We want you to remind someone out there how much you love them, appreciate them, care about them or how much you’re thinking of them. Don’t hide your pride!

Send your parents a pair of socks to show you care, send a pair to your son at uni to tell him that you miss him, surprise a friend who might be going through a hard time and let them know you’re thinking of them or surprise your sole-mate and send them a pair of socks at work to make their colleagues jealous!

This month is all about appreciating the people in our lives. Never take the people in your life and the things we have for granted.

Without further or do - show your appreciation, spread the love and let's send some socks!