Do-Gooders #4

Do-Gooders #4

This month we are sharing 4 ethical and sustainable marketplaces for one-stop conscious shopping. These marketplaces offer a range of brands with the perfect eco-friendly, zero waste, fair trade and vegan products for a mindful shopper!


A place for all the eco must-haves! Here you'll find hand-picked sustainable goods from contemporary home essentials, natural beauty products, zero waste essentials to jewellery made from recycled silver. They have also recently launched Wearth Fashion to help slow down fashion by offering sustainable collections from UK based brands that use best eco-friendly materials. (If you look carefully, you'll also find some familiar looking socks in their 'All Fashion' department!)

Plastic Freedom

The name says it all. Dedicated to helping make plastic-free shopping easier and more accessible- a zero-waste marketplace! The founder, Beth began her journey towards living plastic-free just by making the decision to stop buying plastic bottles, showing how every conscious decision you make can make a big difference. Check out her story here.
(This is also where we get our paper tape for our packaging!)


Supporting small to medium sized food businesses. ShelfNow helps connect food & beverage producers with independent buyers in the industry. In response to Covid-19, they have opened up their services to everyday shoppers! From organic ingredients to tea, coffee, wine & spirits, chocolates and treats, you can now stock up on healthy and delicious food cupboard essentials sold directly from producers! They are also offering NHS staff a range of discounted products if they sign up using their NHS email!

The Dress Change

Ladies, are you a victim of having too many clothes in your closet that you don't wear? Check out this clothes exchange marketplace where you can swap clothes with someone else who may have an item more suited for you (you can swap one item a month for free)! The Dress Change, made to defy fast fashion and encourage sustainability in the fashion industry. They also have great tips on how to repurpose and up-cycle your clothes. Who knows, you might even find your next favourite dress!
Now more than ever, we should support our small local businesses whenever we can!
As always, if you know any do-good brands that we need to hear about, or if you are one yourself, get in touch so we can share it with our community!