Christmas Gift Guide for Do-Gooders

Do-Gooders #10 - The Christmas Edition (with special discounts)!

Well well, it’s now beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year we have curated a list of different brands that we think would make you the best gifter in the world. Some of us won't be hitting up the shopping centres 2 days before Christmas to do our last minute shops this year so instead, we are bringing the good shops to you! We have put together a few discounts that will help up your gifting game. 

The Stitch Company Ltd

The best gifts are the ones that are personalised! The Stitch company personalise towels, dressing gowns, baby blankets, sport towels, pet blankets, PJs and bags. They even offer luxury personalised gifting boxes designed from recycled materials with a personalised name and thoughtful message you can include inside. This is the perfect gift to send directly to someone’s door!
Use the code: LEIHO10 for 10% off all orders over £30.

Stroodles Straws

The ULTIMATE stocking filler! Stroodles are pasta straws that are flavourless, vegan and biodegradable. This is the perfect alternative to plastic straws and the paper straws that go soggy after 3 sips. These pasta straws are made out of two things: Wheat and water. They can be cut to size and are ideal for your at home compost. Finally... the best thing about it is that you can even boil them to make pasta after you've used them!
Use the code: LEIHO10 for 10% valid until 15th of December.


Æcorn believes that "the act of sitting down with great food, friends and drinks should be something we can all enjoy, whether we’re drinking or not." Their range of non-alcoholic aperitifs is designed for Spritzing, mixing and is the perfect pairing for your delicious Christmas dishes. This is the perfect alcohol-free gift to make sure no friends or family gets left behind on the fun!
Use the code: LEIHO15A for 15% valid until 15th of December.

Art by B

Know anyone that has just revamped their  home or moved into a new place? Art makes gifts so meaningful and personal, from the creation of the work itself to choosing a particular piece to give. Art by B is a London based artist selling limited edition abstract fine art prints inspired by real places and faces around the world. Each print has extremely fine detail that displays the uniqueness of culture, people and life that each destination holds.
Use the code: LEIHOXMAS for 10% valid until 13th of December.

Gunpowder Spices

It's that time of year where our spice cupboards and shelves are looking a bit empty. If you know a foodie, a good cook or someone who's turned into a chef/ sous chef over lockdown then Gunpowder Spices are the one! With their luxury spice chests hand blended in London filled with fresh home ground spice blends and whole spices, you are reminding them of you with every dish they make!
Use the code: LEIHO20 for 10% valid until 13th of December.
We hope you make use of these limited time offers (we certainly will be).