Christmas crackers ending up in landfill

Leiho Environmentally Friendly Christmas Sock Crackers

Christmas Crackers have long been a tradition when it comes to celebrating the holidays in the UK. They have always been a wonderful staple to our celebrations and remind us of gathering together at the table full of cheer and excitement of finding out what silly joke we are going to find inside the crackers.

While most people associate Christmas crackers with joy, recent years have shown that the effect this has on our environment is extreme. Studies show that the amount of waste produced in the UK increases by 30% by Christmas activities alone. Furthermore, approximately 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away every year which adds up to Mount Everest stacked on top of each other 1,220 times! Not only is this a concerning amount of waste, but debris produced from Christmas Crackers is just as harmful as waste from other single-use plastics such as plastic utensils, water bottles, and straws. 

This Christmas, Leiho has chosen to partner with Sock Crackers to offer you Christmas crackers that are not only environmentally friendly but for every cracker sold, we will be giving another pair of socks to a homeless person. These crackers are made with zero waste materials and will not include any plastic! What they will include is a Christmas joke, paper hat, and a random pair of Leiho bamboo socks instead of a silly plastic toy!

Sock Crackers was founded by Tessa Cobley in 2019. Tessa and her family had been using the make your own cracker kits for years to try and eliminate waste but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she decided to fill them with socks! The socks created an even more environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic toys that usually come inside (and socks are actually useful!). Since then, customers have raved about the crackers stating, “We enjoyed ours at our family Christmas get together today, they were fab and everyone loved them. I’ve told everyone I know about them.” We are so excited to work with Tessa and her team this year to change the Christmas cracker game.

Make a socksy switch this Christmas by giving the gift of joy to the people around your table, giving back to your local communities and taking care of our planet.

Written by Lydia Andina