4 Female Driven Brands We Love: International Women's Day Blog by Leiho

Do Gooders #1

As International Women's Day is coming up, this one's for the ladies. We've put together 4 female driven brands that we've met and love:


Jewellery made out of wasted materials!
Ever heard of earrings made from bouncy castles? What about necklaces made from t-shirt offcuts? Due to the rise of fast fashion production these materials would usually go to waste but Stellen puts them to good use!
What a way to transform waste into funky jewellery!

Stay Wild Swim

"Buy less and buy better."
With summer around the corner, update your swimwear collection with swimsuits made from regenerated fishing nets and ocean plastic! (Impressive? I know.)
Stay Wild Swim designs sustainable pieces that are locally produced in London and they last longer so you can just keep swimming!

Nette Rose

Wild with a gentle soul.
Impress while you undress with Nette Rose's lingerie that are ethically handmade 
in Cape Town. They use only solar panels to supply their factory. All of their fabric off-cuts are also saved and put back into production to ensure zero-waste.

Wax+Wick Workshop

100% vegan soy wax candles.
Long summer nights are the best nights when you unwind with a glass of red and light a candle. Wax+Wick handmade soy wax candles sit in glass jars that are made to be recycled and reused. These candle jars were once wine glasses from local pubs in London!
We are humbled to be able to meet and even sell alongside some of these amazing do-good brands. It's so nice to see people out there taking responsibility and helping contribute to a more sustainable future.
If you know any do-good brands that we need to hear about, or if you are one yourself, get in touch so we can share it with our community!