Are bamboo socks overrated Christmas gifts? Let’s find out.

Are bamboo socks overrated Christmas gifts? Let’s find out.

Christmas is the time of cheer and joy until you feel the pressure to look for the perfect gift for your friends and family. Can you relate? The debate at Leiho has always been to figure out whether or not getting socks as a Christmas gift are either overrated or underrated. Let’s go through the two sides of the argument:

Socks are an overrated Christmas present:

  • Not a gift that takes a lot of creativity and thinking – some might even say it’s boring!
  • The recipient can always go and buy it themselves
  • Not big and shiny enough (just kidding!)

Socks are an underrated Christmas present:

  • Everyone needs socks!
  • We may have hated getting socks for Christmas as kids but as an adult, novelty bamboo socks are a treat.
  • It’s the perfect stocking filler – not too big, not too small and will actually be put to use, over and over again.
  • You can always find a pair that the recipient will find meaningful, whether it’s socks that have their favourite colour or design.
  • Super soft and cosy – yes, we’re talking about bamboo socks here! Let’s not forget the fact that they are also kinder to your skin and to the planet than standard cotton socks.
  • Socks can be included in a DIY gift box with other items that are special to the recipient!


We admit, we might be a little biased here but despite the fact that socks may be a small present, we think there are many ways in which you can creatively gift socks and really make someone happy this Christmas.

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