5 Ways to Repurpose Packages

5 Ways to Repurpose Packages

Hold up — think twice before chucking that empty cereal box, the tags from your new clothes or that new box of Leiho socks. Evaluate if the packages are worthy of repurposing because some are actually incredibly versatile!

To deliver (no pun intended) some inspiration, we have come up with 5 simple ways for you to give a new life to those boxes, tags and packaging that have come through your door. It might look silly but if it helps the environment and if it can be reused, why not!?

1. Turn your clothing tags and sock header-cards into a bookmark


If you're a bookworm who gets through a lot of books, often loses their bookmarks and dislikes folding the pages of your book - find yourself a flyer, clothing tags, or even our sock header card and use it as a bookmark!

2. Cardboard boxes make great paint palette's


For all you painters, mix and match your colours on some cardboard to create your masterpiece. Any thick painting medium should work, but we would not recommend using it for watercolours. We've used acrylic paint in this photo and it works wonders!

3. Pencil cases are so last year... have you heard of DIY pencil boxes?


Not to brag but our large letter boxes are literally the perfect size you to hide your stationary so your work desk looks somewhat tidy and organised. Go all Picasso or Andy Warhol on your box and decorate it as you please!

4. Organising your drawers with DIY trays


Tired of scavenging through the messy drawers to find what you need? The bottom of some cardboard boxes and large letter boxes (like ours) make a perfect tray that sits comfortably in your drawers. If you're feeling extra artsy you can even paint them!

5. DIY plant pot for seedlings


Did you know that you can regrow pretty much any vegetables you have in your fridge?! We've used a box to sow some chilli seeds and this is the progress over 2 weeks. Once they grow bigger, you'll need to repot it into a larger plant pot, but this is an easy way to repurpose your boxes and start the planting process!
There are many ways you can repurpose the things around you. It's so easy to just recycle your packages but the reality is that the world produces 2.12 billion tons of waste every year. Let that sink in. Zero waste is not easy to achieve but we can take baby steps by reducing our waste significantly. We encourage you to be creative and save the environment by repurposing what you can.
Planning to try any of the above or make something of your own?
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