Not just for the days you’re wearing your Leiho socks but we’re here to prevent your tumble dryer from gobbling them up!

Firstly, thank you for helping us give the most basic essentials to those in need. Socks might not seem like a big deal but here is a little reminder of how something so simple can really make a big difference:

hole-y socks and cold feet  :(

It happens to the best of us but socks tend to get wet or pesky holes from all sorts of reasons such as improper shoes, long toenails and rough wearing (especially if you're walking several miles a day). During the winter we all need to keep our cold feet warm especially for those spending a lot of time outdoors.

Socks are great! We all need them!

Imagine walking around in broken shoes or trainers with no socks! It just can't be comfortable. Our feet need more credit than we give them because at the end of the day they are the ones helping us get from destination A to B.

A happy customer said:

 “Just received my socks I ordered and loved the packaging and message (and the socks!). Thanks for providing such an ethical product.”


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We aren't generalising every single one of you but we know a fair few of you might be a little rebellious and ignore washing instructions that say "DO NOT TUMBLE DRY". So here is a scenario:

You wash your socks and when everything comes out of the dryer you notice a pair of socks missing...

When the dryer is spinning at a high speed, socks could slip through holes or slits in the gasket and get trapped down under in a universe humans never really see. Not only does this lead to disappearing socks but also water leaks.

so, moral of the story - do not tumble dry your bamboo socks otherwise you risk a shrunken pair of socks that becomes a better fit for your niece or nephew.