Socks and clothing items donated to Collective Aid and Herts for Refugees in Calais

Over 200 items donated to Collective Aid for refugees in Calais

Collective Aid is an incredible volunteer led organisation supporting refugees and people who are displaced across Europe. Over the past few weeks, there has been around 500 new refugees joining the refugee camps in Calais, with no access to tents, bedding and hygiene items. On top of that, there are still evictions in the camps with people's possessions being seized from them every day.

The Collective Aid have a big team on the ground committed to keep providing services and support that individuals will need. We are so inspired by their work and are grateful to have been able to donate over 200 items of essentials, including socks, underwear, clothing and sanitary items for the people in Calais. Angus and the team from Herts for Refugees, as you can see in the photo, kindly delivered these donations from the UK to Calais to be distributed. 

If you would like to contribute, Collective Aid have issued a needs list that contains information on the type of donations needed in Calais. Please have a look and reach out to their team directly and help protect refugees with the support they deserve!