How to Support a Charity From Your Sofa in Just Seconds!

How to Support a Charity From Your Sofa in Just Seconds!


Make a difference from your sofa.

Lending a hand can be simple and stress-free, even if you don’t have the biggest budget or time to spare, there are many ways that you can meaningfully show your support.

At Leiho, with every purchase we donate items of essentials to projects and charities across the UK that support those without a home. On top of that, we also help fund different impact projects with partners to aid personal development and regain of independence.

Recently, we’ve found our small team to be a bit stretched to volunteer with our favourite charities, so instead we’ve found a quick way to continue genuinely make a difference to our charitable partners but in just a few seconds!  

Support a charity from your sofa

There are many small charities and outreach organisations that work frontline in helping support people on the streets. If you’re wondering around central London you might have come across teams in hi-vi’s jackets serving hot meals, drinks and essentials to vulnerable individuals. To operate an outreach, there are many supplies that these charities need in order to keep food and drinks hot such as a hot water dispenser for hot tea and coffee, and insulated food boxes to keep the hot meals at a nice temperature. On top of that, there are many high in demand but low in supply essentials that are needed but can be quite costly for a small non-profit organisation.

If you’re looking to support a small charity, have a look at causes that are close to your heart and see if they have an Amazon wish list that needs fulfilling. You can typically find this information on their website or socials. Here are some of our most recent donations to two charitable partners in London:


AR RHILA Projects

AR RHILA are an incredible community support group that provides essentials and runs food kitchens to support those vulnerable in society including low-income and those experiencing homelessness. Every Tuesday and Thursday they are hard at work for people on the streets. Have a look at what we fulfilled on their wish list: 


Donation items for AR Rihla Project to support homeless and vulnerable communities


Our team absolutely love volunteering with Streetkind but we recently haven’t had the time to. Fortunately, they have an incredible group of volunteers and friends who dedicate one Sunday every month to give out food and essentials to friends on the streets. We fulfilled their wish list twice in the last month and here’s what we sent them: 

StreetKind a food and donation bank for people experiencing homelessness


Amazon wish lists are a great and efficient way to get donations sent out to organisations directly. You can even search for specific charities to support from Amazon itself. 

Top tip: be sure to look out for the items that are ‘high priority’!



It’s all of our little steps put together that truly make a big difference.