Make everyday earth day 2022

Things You Can Do to Make Everyday Earth Day


Typically, we would put together a little guide for eco-friendly alternatives to popular products such as using beeswax food wraps instead of clingfilm or metal straws instead of plastic straws but this year, we’re changing the game.


Becoming more conscious and adapting to an eco-friendlier lifestyle means educating yourself, raising awareness about the problem and taking action. This applies to a lot of things in life.


We need to practice what we preach when it comes to our planet.


Join us in making sustainability a core part of your personal growth this year. It’s the small steps that make it count whether it’s being mindful about what we purchase, our daily habits, the things we share with friends and family as well as our personal values at our workforce and schools.


On a large scale, there is so much we can do. Have a look at some ideas of what we can collectively do to really make a positive change in a world we call home.


These aren’t alternatives. These are actions we should be taking.


Have a look at some scary facts below to show what a small difference can make.


Steps on how to make everyday earth day
Eco-friendly tips for Earth Day 2022



So, what difference does one reusable bottle make?

White Leiho reusable water bottle

To put things into perspective, an average human being drinks up to four plastic bottles a day. By using a reusable bottle you are roughly saving 1460 plastic bottles every year. Even if you only purchased one plastic bottle and refilled it, you would still be wasting roughly 250-300 bottles that could be spared with just one reusable bottle.


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What about a reusable totebag?

Leiho reusable tote bag

There are many estimates and studies as to just how many single-use plastic bags are used every year per person. Typically when people do big weekly shops they can use up to 5 plastic bags but if you’re just doing a quick shop, you use one plastic bag. So by using reusable tote bags you are saving up to 500 single-use plastic bags per year.


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As a treat for Earth Day and to encourage you to find smarter ways to live more consciously, we are throwing in a FREE pair of Leiho socks with every purchase of a totebag or Leiho water bottle. Offer ends Monday 25th April 6am BST.


Whatever steps you are taking, do it whole-heartedly.


Written by: Joey Li